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California Bookstore Day

California Bookstore Day!

Posted on May 20, 2014

By Claire Mullen
On May 3 The Litography Project got to be a part of the first ever California Bookstore Day. We hung out at Green Apple Books from morning til night, taking in the festivities and reveling in the incredible turnout.
93 bookstores across California participated with readings, crafts, and a special line of books published just for the occasion.

On top of all this, The Litography Project brought our own fun to the party – madlibs! Here’s a taste of what we did that day.

A bookbinder

A Peek Inside One Of San Francisco’s Last Bookbinderies

Posted on March 10, 2014

By Angela Johnston and photo by Jasmin Lopez

Nowadays, most books are quickly put together, or bound, in large factories. Reams of paper whir through mechanized assembly lines, and huge blades slice thick piles of pages, shooting out best-sellers in minutes.

But there are still a few bookbinders who do it the old-fashioned way. They use tools with names like bone folders, job backers, and guillotines – along with sewing machines, glue and
paper – to make new books.And to restore old ones. San Francisco used to be a hub for the craft. Before the 1906 earthquake, there were over 30 traditional book binderies in the Bay Area. Today, only a few remain.

Litography’s Angela Johnston takes us to a workshop in the Mission where a bookbinder is keeping a centuries-old tradition alive.

Lunada at Galeria De La Raza

Lit On The Full Moon

Posted on March 9, 2014

By Claire Mullen

The Lunada Literary Lounge and Open Mic is a monthly gathering in the Mission District. It happens every full moon – people come together at the Galería de la Raza on 24th street and Bryant to share poems, stories, and songs. Lunada is one of the only regular bilingual open mics in the Bay Area, and it’s been happening for 14 years. The people who come to the Lunada every month say it’s important to have arts organizations that support Latinos, especially at a time when so much in the city is changing.

We went to check it out and produced this piece for Crosscurrents on KALW 91.7. This fall will be Lunada’s 15th season – look out for a year-long quinceañera bash!



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